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KeQiao drop something in the hotel guest many visitors to check your belongings

Date: 2016-08-14

"Our hotel often have guests drop things, charger and t-shirts, most we can only keep these goods for guests."Recently, the shaoxing jinchang Yang Liming reflect to our marcom zhengda new century hotel.Reporter has visited many star-rated hotels and economy hotels KeQiao found that many hotels will meet the tenant to forget your belongings in the hotel, these legacy items to notebook computers, mobile phones, small to the charger, t-shirts, cleanser, keys, etc.This reminder, National Day holiday approaching, travel hotel don't drop your belongings.

Shaoxing jinchang pr Yang Liming zhengda new century hotel, told reporters that their hotel reception is mostly business guests, so the guest forget laptop, mobile phone is also many, but the most is the charger and t-shirts.Yang Liming said, star hotel will configure special wardrobe, many passengers check-in when hang the clothes in the closet, but completely forget to check out.KeQiao super 8 hotel general manager just cloud said, passengers at the time of check-out forget belongings is often happen, such as a number of passengers used in toilet clean underwear, and hang to dry in the toilet, and check out but tend to forget.For passenger forgotten items in the guest room, if it is a valuables, generally after the owner themselves to find or telephone to inquire, the hotel will be handled after checking the information accordingly.As for general items, although the hotel will keep, but the owner came back to find is unlikely.Part and should not be saved and difficult to deal with things such as food, hotel will generally not be retained.Reporters visiting KeQiao furama hotel, home inns, hanting star hotel and budget hotel, found that the situation is similar.

Tour trip, will inevitably encounter all sorts of little surprise.If things fall in the hotel, what should I do?KeQiao I love travel travel agency outlets manager Fang Guojian told reporters that tourists put everything in the hotel's two places the most easy to forget that one is safe, the other one is under the pillow.Many tourists valuables, such as cash and a mobile phone, love in these two places.After visitors find forgotten things, should first contact with the hotel, or contact you to participate in the tour.Party manager warns that only a few days of travel is often need to bring a lot of sporadic, best one in the front rank of a list of luggage, trip if bought souvenirs to complement in at any time, when you leave the hotel while packing, item by item, check the listing.