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In KeQiao these cafeteria, have you ever stand in, sideways out of experience

Date: 2017-09-29

This cool for two daysWhich you think it a cold appetiteIt is time to raise a wave of autumn fat!And everybody said todayKeQiao where to eat the delicious buffet!

Shaoxing tianma hotel:

The serving food taste good, very timely, in food is in a timely manner.Salmon is not very good, have reinforced, cattle, dipping sauce is delicious, scallop and abalone has also, like most, get praise is repair disk speed, dessert is delicious

Address: KeQiao he road 1399

Telephone: 0575-85828888

Rings shaoxing no hotel:

Focus on their WeChat can enjoy preferential.Seafood very much, oyster hasn't been seen, breed is very much also hot pot, mutton came out was gone, the waiter's level sincerely praise, salmon soft touch.

Address: 518 four major avenue

Telephone: 0575-85568888, 0575-84318302