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New Year's day when eat a meal, shaoxing per capita 61 yuan?

Date: 2015-02-14

Recently, the "public comments on the net" the festival atmosphere map real-time data display, Chinese meal is the average cost 72.07 yuan, the average cost is 64 yuan in zhejiang province.Among them, in 11 cities in zhejiang, the top three is boat wen yong, shaoxing ranked sixth, per capita consumption is 60.75 yuan.

This set of data comes out, many KeQiao defy spirit: "per capita consumption of 61 yuan when the Chinese New Year?Kidding, KeQiao casual dinner party won't be the number at ordinary times, how much more is the Chinese New Year's day."Hotel one hundred yuan per capita consumptionTwo days ago, Mr Wang fete relatives and friends at the hotel.To order a large family of 11 people, spent 1100 multivariate, but the checkout surprise him: the total amount of up to 2000 yuan.A closer look, the original everyone to drink wine, dinner clink "again and again, the beverage fees as high as 1000 yuan.

Reporter contact no, furama, kaiyuan hotel later learned that KeQiao people like to the hotel for dinner, generous people like Mr. Wang."Now the guest drink less, drink more."Furama hotel food and beverage director wang said the Chinese New Year when there are too many people choose to hotel for dinner KeQiao, everybody also pretty willing to spend money, according to his observation, KeQiao person New Year meal per capita consumption in 120-150 yuan between, of course, the price does not include drinks.The relevant person in charge of in jinchang, zhengda new century hotel ChanLanFang disclosed information is similar."General to the hotel at New Year fete relatives and friends, KeQiao people like lobster and so on upscale cuisine, including drinks, per capita consumption in 150-300 yuan between."ChanLanFang said, about 200 yuan per capita consumption in the majority.

Cook busy around country.

Mr Li treat yesterday, four major streets, considering her age, once the treat, dozens of guests to dinner, set menus, buy vegetables, cooking, washing the dishes and so on a series of procedures is really too tired, so this year he and two older sisters spell the fete relatives and friends.In order not to disrespect, they specifically invited rural cooks door-to-door service."Every 3000 yuan, a total of eight table."The newspaper's own psychological price after to burn what vegetables, such as how to burn all thing to cook to worry about."Now, rural people will enjoy, we cook the door a lot of people, please."Tang Xianding in rural chef has more than 20 years, the industry in recent years, the Spring Festival, he cook be nabbed the soil, the first day of the Lantern Festival, the first lunar month calendar is almost full, but he can only pick one a day guests, was overwhelmed.Tang Xian DingShui, if the guest demand is high, he opened a menu must be expensive, if the guest requires economic material benefit, the total price is relatively lower.According to his experience, the Spring Festival for family dinner, most choose 900 yuan a table of specifications, fronted yuan per capita.KeQiao people rich but not capriciousShaoxing known as folkway, raising thrifty.In the interview, the reporter understands, KeQiao Tibetan people, although we are willing to spend money on "eat", but consumption is quite rational."KeQiao outsiders, like yueqing, wenzhou and other places of people are willing to spend money, locals are more and more open now."Furama hotel director wang said, in recent years more and more locals going into the pub, even so, KeQiao was quite rational.Two days ago, a group of guests to jinchang kaiyuan hotel for dinner, dinner, they took to bring their own drinks.The checkout, hotel request for a service charge, about the service fee does not accept, the problem of how to accept, communication and negotiation between hotel and guest for a long time.