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The vast majority of KeQiao eaten their cooking

Date: 2017-12-14

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Sweet sauce and butyl steamed corn-bread, halibut, XO sauce detonation Macao with chopped ginger, private veal, dampened, each grain fragrant grass with ice...These dishes you may have heard, some is the first time I heard, dishes and seductive, taste is also worthy of the name, of course, this is June from furama hotel KeQiao new dishes.We walked into the five-star hotel kitchen, this time to explore the furama food production secret.

Every secret is one of the kitchen, right, furama hotel kitchen secret is their culinary team.As a five-star hotel furama gourmet restaurant is absolutely a to hotel for heavy weapons, furama chef team up to more than 100 people, including management chef 11 people, between the ages of 30 to 50 years old, the average age of 40, are trained or cooking chef for many years;Cook hundreds at the grass-roots level, age under 30, they or cook school graduates or the new little apprentice;Furama with authentic cantonese cuisine flavor has been KeQiao fame, thanks to the hotel on the retained Hong Kong chef team.

Zhao Lijun furama senior staff, he is from anhui, to KeQiao for more than 20 years.From small furnace of chef to head to head, he is a rich unilever hotel kitchen anchored, temperature control, every dish seasoning formula and so on, has his own balance.Zhao teacher's specialty is "pigeon egg wine meat".This is also the furama signature dishes.Braise in soy sauce meat from the local fine pork, a measure of the golden ratio between, makes the flesh oil and not greasy.In time and temperature, under the catalysis of meat tender, glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, melt in your mouth.Combined with fresh and tender green Chinese cabbage, green and red give a person with visual aesthetic feeling.Q of pigeon eggs already suck full of delicious meat, bite, egg sweet flesh and sweet lay in the lips.

Guo-rong wang is the hotel's food and beverage director, assistant of general manager of zhejiang cuisine, no one knows better than his orthodox school of jiangsu and zhejiang cuisine.He has won awards in the various cooking competition.Rich culinary experience and keen sense of taste, let guo-rong wang can accurately grasp the diners taste buds.Under his leading, furama chef team innovation, for diners taste buds on the affair.

In order to bring more dishes diners, larger scale, better service, furama cafeteria prepares for the new upgrade, set sail on June 25, reshipment, then, can accommodate 260 guests dining at the same time.Classmate party, xie feast at a low price.

Is high, the examination is over, senior students in preparing for graduation, also in order to better meet the demand of graduates, furama hotel, launched a variety of preferential and special graduation thank teacher feast meal.