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Business negotiation please eat buffet KeQiao hotel love "self-help" make money

Date: 2016-12-06

Yesterday, shaoxing KeQiao weeks the boss in the office of a textile trading company to several foreign customers, chat till noon, weeks the boss to a dinner party made sorrow: cold weather advising clients to go to eat hot pot, the customer said easily lose;To have dinner at hotel booking rooms, customer said it is tired of eating "round table type banquet"...Finally, weeks the boss of the company's one employee to ask for a wake, said KeQiao many hotels now pop up business buffet, why don't you try to go there.As a result, the week bosses and customers "kill" after the running of the hotel to eat buffet, consistent feeling is: convenient, comfortable, and tastes good.According to observation, this period of time, business buffet in KeQiao catering sector has emerged, and has intensified.Authorities believe that the popularity of business buffet is protruding character KeQiao "business" of the city.

Rolls out, late in the hotel business buffet dinner!

Hotel buffet breakfast is not new, but a day out at noon, at night, business buffet, after KeQiao catering sector has not yet appeared.On November 22, the only five-star hotel in KeQiao "furama" on the basis of the buffet breakfast, take the lead in KeQiao buffet catering sector launched at noon, at night, commerce, and thus bring about KeQiao catering sector of "wind" buffet.A week later, the flute xin Yang road new continent hotel, surprisingly the food part of the overall design for the western-style buffet, becoming the first pure buffet in KeQiao hotel.And ko north newly opened jinchang, zhengda new century hotel buffet will be business as one of the hallmarks of his...Ozdor n think furama hotel food and beverage director, was pioneered at noon, at night, the hotel business buffet, HTC KeQiao increasingly active business atmosphere.In Beijing, Shanghai and other big cities business activities frequently, dinner buffet form is very popular, it is convenient, easy repast atmosphere, very suitable for all kinds of business activities.As the first pure buffet hotel KeQiao "xin a state", like this it is KeQiao catering industry a blank market.

KeQiao business buffet will flash in the pan?

KeQiao popular buffet catering industry, let some in the industry saw a decade ago in shaoxing city restaurant industry in the way of "wind" buffet.It is reported that 10 years ago shaoxing city restaurant industry has seen 10 yuan, 20 yuan buffet, and was once prosperous.But not for long, because after diner novelty, hotel buffet business have closed or transferred to civilian work."When the city buffet is quite fierce, also have launched various hotel buffet, but goes civilian to change a course most at that time, is a hodgepodge of."City restaurant association relevant staff analysis, city most hotel buffet business ten years ago has finally cooled down, mainly lack of features, the buffet into a hodgepodge, another reason is the business atmosphere may not be enough to make business buffet "hot"."To entertain friends, clients, affirmation or select box 'round table type banquet.Now, a lot of coffee, the museum also has a business plan, repast atmosphere is also very easy.Pure business buffet mode can longendure really needs to be the test of time."Shaoxing county food association officials think.

"Business" buffet protruding KeQiao e-commerce personality?

According to reporter understanding, KeQiao several open at noon, at night, the hotel business buffet, hotel party surprised by the business are going so well.Ozdor n furama "according to the food and beverage director introduces, at present in the hotel consumption buffet customers in addition to the guests staying at the hotel, there are three points not along with all the guests.Located in the northern international trade zone shaoxing ko jinchang marcom manager Ma Chi think zhengda new century hotel, although the location of the hotel and it is not belong to KeQiao prime locations, but they look good KeQiao increasingly active atmosphere of international commerce, China light textile city based on the frequent business activities, provides a stable consumer groups, business buffet quality buffet in KeQiao will definitely have a market.And "xin states a" flute Yang road store operator, said even if the market situation is good, they will open the second pure buffet restaurant in KeQiao.Concerned personage thinks, many businessmen KeQiao, accommodation, catering and other service industries should do "business" article, and the rise of business buffet is catering to the "business" of the KeQiao personality!