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Should have weekend prices haven't KeQiao hotel room big price cuts are still nobody lives

Date: 2016-04-20

Every weekend, shaoxing city and counties city hotel occupancy, there is always much higher than the working days.Shaoxing city KeQiao situation, though, just the opposite, holidays occupancy rate less days, although the hotel is often introduced depreciate sales promotion methods, such as still unable to attract the guest check in., shaoxing county tourism industry insiders pointed out that, although in recent years, textile city popularity, there were obviously improved ShangQi, but compared with the urban area is still not ideal.Increase the intensity of light textile city tourism development, complementary with business customers and could change KeQiao holiday hotel, the guesthouse margie, cold and cheerless.

The hotel business, KeQiao city "should"

Downtown and KeQiao though more than 20 minutes, only two hotel during the holidays in market is "hot and cold extremes.Downtown hotel, at the end of the holidays, there will always be, for there is no room to KeQiao hotel, the guesthouse is very cold and cheerless.April 16 is Friday, the weather is very good, suitable for travel.But the reporter understands from the sunlight to business travel online, from shaoxing city and KeQiao hotel room reservation, the hotel occupancy rate significantly higher than that of KeQiao hotel downtown.The sunshine network information display, international hotel Friday special standard double room, standard double room, landscape have no vacant (spare) room between the big bed.16 and 17 and shaoxing hotel in addition to the ordinary suites, a variety of other room has been booked.Some better budget hotel business, 16 and 17 two days all the rooms is full.Shaoxing hotel front desk of a staff member tells a reporter, ordinary double cease day, hotel room is also very nervous, if the guest to check in, book in advance will be better.International hotel front desk of a staff member tells a reporter, double cease day sometimes will appear the phenomenon of rob room in the morning.But with a five-star hotel, located in KeQiao furama hotel is another story.The hotel in addition to business single tenant full on Friday and Saturday, other room still have a reservation.Other levels of the hotel, most of the hotel room is still in the condition of booking.Compared with the downtown hotel prices, KeQiao hotel prices significantly lower.As a city of international hotel rooms a lowest price for 398 yuan, the others are more than 568 yuan, up to 1588 yuan a, while KeQiao furama a price but also the highest 580 yuan.

KeQiao holiday hotel business more lightActually, KeQiao hotel occupancy rate is not low at ordinary times, especially to the spinning expo and other major holiday, KeQiao hotel, the guesthouse is hard to get a room, there are often customers in KeQiao can't find a room, and can only live to go downtown.However, on weekends and holidays, KeQiao hotel is at leisure."KeQiao double cease day the hotel occupancy rate than usual."Furama hotel a head tells a reporter, as the only five-star hotel in the old town KeQiao, normal weekday occupancy rate over 70%, but slightly almost holiday market.Jinchang KeLaiXing kaiyuan hotel general manager also tells a reporter, four-star jinchang kai yuan hotel, holiday occupancy rate lower than usual.He tells a reporter, every weekend, the city of some of the four-star hotel can hold travel team, so the hotel often reduce prices, attract this part of the guest check in.KeQiao hotel also often in double cease day to launch all kinds of promotional activities.Before such as jinchang hotel launched with a suite of consumption to 2000 yuan.The personage inside course of study points out, in the weekends, holidays, the hotel room, various sales promotion measures to promote is helpless.KeQiao low occupancy holiday hotel industry, high working days the special phenomenon of urban environment with textile city itself also has a certain relationship.As is known to all, light textile city is one of the world textile trade center, a hotel there are many tourists are business guests.The reporter understands from jinchang kai yuan hotel, the hotel occupancy rate of 70% at ordinary times, guest accounts for about 60%, the team guest account for only about 5%, tourism guests also accounted for 5%.Went to a holiday, business guests, KeQiao hotel rooms are vacant.

Weekday occupancy rate is higher than the double cease day at ordinary times, in KeQiao hotel industry has been normal.But the tourist industries in shaoxing people also think that KeQiao holiday hotel occupancy rate of increase is not no way, through the development of tourism make up the insufficient holiday business guests, guests for KeQiao hotel industry is the good thing that kill two birds with one stone.KeQiao tourism industry officials said the KeQiao city despite the lack of popular, but so long as has the tourist spot, visitors will still be interested in staying in KeQiao.In fact, after years of development, textile city already had enough to attract tourists, such as melon nagisa lake grand water curtain film is also one of the few in the country, he ski pavilion is "rare" in the south.Conan's weekend business is relatively better, no hotel is greatly benefited from the hotel near there are four major scenic spots, he ski hall such outstanding scenic areas, attractions.In addition, as the world's largest fabric market, textile city if there is a retail product, so will be more attractive for tourists.